Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Treats for Fingers!

This past weekend was a special gift worthy occasion, and So requested a new ring. I got out all the goodies, the silver, the PMC, the tools and anvils and hammers and the little wee torch and all those delightful things and went to work. I ended up with...three rings for me...and a failed prototype for So! I'll try a different version next weekend, but here are the rings I gleefully made for myself:

This one features a large beautiful mellow chunk of amber. It originally was a vintage pin, I would say about 50-60 years old, with a thin wire pin and clasp embedded in the back. I never wear pins! I ruthlessly snipped off the pinback, and made a setting for it with PMC. I wanted the back of the amber to be viewable because it's so rough and richly textured in it's unpolished state. And I wanted the prongs to not cover up much of the front of the amber, so they are quite thick and sturdy. It's a large ring, the amber is 2" across, but because amber is so light, it's not as cumbersome as a stone this size would be. I'm happy with it!

This one includes a slice of banded agate. It had a neat hole in the exact center and was probably a Victorian pendant or watch fob. The colors are beautiful, a rich translucent carnelian with streaks of buff, amber and creamy white. It's on a fine silver rivet (which hasn't actually been riveted yet), with a PMC beadcap and black rubber O rings to pull it into the 21 century!

And the last one is just for fun...I've been making corsets for about 10 years now, authentic, curve-creating, steel boned, silk beauties, and decided it would be fun to have a corset ring. Fine silver, laced with Japanese hemp tipped with antique cut-steel beads. The girls at belly dance really liked this one!
Here I am with three new rings, and poor So has no new ring! I'll remedy that on the weekend!

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Kyla said...

I bet you could sell a ton of those corset rings.

Also, try the drag queen market for the amber rings. Rings that big make the hands appear smaller.