Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yes, I know that everyone who has ever held a pen or sat at a keyboard has tried to describe the feelings evoked by spring. I'm sure there's nothing new to say about spring. But every year, we are moved to try again!
It's ephemeral, and heartbreakingly beautiful. After a long drab endless season, I am surrounded with a lavishness of color, sound and scent so bountiful it's almost overwhelming. In spring I understand why the earth deities are female. The eternal feminine is all around me, even the air I'm breathing is infused with rebirth and abundance. And I'm filled with gratitude for each new day and the chance it gives me to grow.
Reading: The Kalahari Typing Club For Men, and Women's Work, The First 10,000 Years
Listening: Rusted Root "When I Woke"

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