Sunday, July 6, 2008

Delicious Day

The weather this weekend has been heavenly...finally...and we ate a lovely breakfast outside. Crisp bacon, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and scallions, tomatoes with just-picked basil, and ripe blackberries and raspberries. We cooked together and it took no time at all. I love eating outside in the summer, with the soft sound of the waves, the rustle of the leaves, the insane shrieking of the grackles, robins and blue jays protesting our presence in their territory, and the ever so delightful sound of the next-door-neighbour-but-one vacuuming his lawn with some noisy piece of machinery. Probably a repurposed snowblower.

Oh well. I do entertain myself with fantasies of thought rays that are capable of remotely destroying loud machines...weed whackers. Lawn mowers. Personal watercraft. Chainsaws. Of course the users of said instruments of satan would remain unharmed. Puzzled, but unharmed.

I spent most of the day in the studio, doing some silverwork and some patina experiments (most of which did not work, but I gotta try). Made some beads which looked interesting going into the kiln, hopefully they will still look interesting when they come out of the kiln!

I had a short beach walk later in the afternoon, it was such a beautiful day. The water is still cool but it's warming up. I may soon be able to get out my down-filled bathing suit, and thermal swim mittens and boots. I hear some daring Canadian women are leaving off their Thinsulate swim leggings this year. We'll see.

I met this tiny fellow on the path down to the beach. He was very hoppity!

I found this great rock on my walk. I did not bring it home, now I wish I had. I try not to bring up every rock that catches my eye, because if I did we would be up to our eyebrows in rocks. In fact, that is one firm rule explained to guests...if you bring up rocks you have to take them home with you. I got tired of hauling buckets of rocks back down to the beach!
The little pit was full of the tiniest quartz crystals imagineable!

So made dinner tonight, homemade Mulligatawny soup. It was so good, lick the bowl good, toe curling good! So is a very meticulous cook...spices are ground by hand in a mortar, every ingredient carefully measured and organized in tiny bowls, complete attention given to the cooking. Unlike me...I toss in pinches or handfuls, read a book while stirring, and talk on the phone. Amazingly, edible stuff emerges, usually! Here is the beautiful soup with rice on the side. It was amazing!

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Veronica said...

I would like some soup too please? When you come here I promise even if the patio isn't finished, D. will be banned from using the NOISY saw he is using at this moment (!) to make some of the stones fit! And the neighbour just burned her barbeque dinner and now MY house is filled with her burned dinner smell.
So your soup looks extremely appetizing.