Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Inevitable Waviness of Life

Life is just like this piece of beach metal: up, and down, and up and down, a bit rusty, but with it's own weathered beauty and a quite substantial strong springiness underneath.

I'm almost ready for the show I'm doing this weekend. It's called "In a Garden" and is hosted by Kathryn McHolm. She is an amazing artist, I wish she had some of her paintings on her website.

My boxes of treasure and my quirky display pieces are all packed and stacked ready to be stuffed into the van. Including my latest thrift store treasure, a great, extremely ugly, sturdy, folding 6 foot table. It's heavy (and did I mention ugly?) but it will make a great display table. I just wish I'd bought them all...there were 4 more but of course the rest were gone when we went back for them. Let that be a lesson to me. Of some sort!

Tomorrow is errands and books on tape from the libary for the drive, and appointments and bank visits and snack shopping and then we leave on Friday morning. I look forward to seeing my dear friends and returning and new customers. (Veronica reports that she has had constant inquiries of "Will the Bead Lady be there?", which of course I love to hear!)) There will be some great meals and lots of laughter.

The forecast is for hot hot hot weather which is fine, I'd prefer that to rain. Unfortunately the Swedish skin deals with the heat by turning my face as red as a boiled lobster (not sunburn, I'm slathered with spf 1,000). However, I will cope, with copious amounts of water, and perhaps popsicles.

I'll be doing demos all weekend again, which I quite enjoy once I get through the first one! That breaks the ice, so to speak. It always amuses me to observe the men in the vicinity, when they hear the roar of torch (I use a hothead for the demos and it's noisy), and realize there is a flame and something is going to be melted! It's not as irresistible as construction equipment, but it's more male attention than I usually get! Hee! I'm joking of course, I love the comments and interesting questions I get and I love doing demos for kids. Unfortunately I have no way of annealing the beads so I can't give them away, but I'll do lots of fish and flowers and bugs when there are kids around. I use my Japanese Satake glass as it melts beautifully in the cooler flame of the hothead.

I forgot my camera last year so I'll be sure to pack it this year. If I can get away from my booth I'd love to be able to post pictures of Kathryns amazing garden, and of all the other interesting work at the show. Kathryn has a large woodburning oven in the garden which produces a stream of tasty goodies all day. I'll be pleading for butter tarts! AND picking her brain for info about the oven which really is just a giant version of the Viking bead furnace I am pondering.... Hey! When not being used to make a bead or two I could bake tiny loaves of bread...miniature pizzas...dinner rolls one at a time...

The world is just so full of possibilities.

These days I an working on reminding myself constantly to:
Be aware of my blessings. I am surround with such an overwhelming flood of blessings that it really is sometimes hard to enumerate them, and easy to take them for granted.
Try not to brood over what I can't control.
Accept my shortcomings. I am human. I make mistakes. Forgive myself. Move on.
What other people think of me is none of my business, and it doesn't define who I am.
Be a little gentler to myself. I judge myself so harshly in ways I would never inflict on anyone else.

Be kind to yourself too! I'll be posting next week with a show report and lots of pictures!

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