Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Little of This and That

This lovely lady was resting on the garden hose and consented to have a little visit this afternoon. Isn't she beautiful?

Thanks Sam, for sharing this great Gothicky find:
Drac in a Box
All sorts of delectable goodies, plus they contribute to the Bat Conservation Trust. I love this!

The flowers on the deck, and the meadow are looking so lovely right now, I wish I could haul all the studio stuff out there. Not really. But it's awfully pleasant out there and calls to me with a siren song. I am ridiculously happy with our pots of flowers and herb. Much as I love a lush and elaborate garden, I am quite aware that I simply will not invest the time and energy that particular kind of garden requires. I'll continue to enjoy looking at other peoples gardens, but for me plants in pots are the way to go! Everything can be deadheaded, weeded, fertilized and/or watered in an hour.

The meadow is lush with mounds of pale lilac Crown Vetch. This has established all by itself. Some consider it an invasive weed, but the rabbits and the bees enjoy it and I find it to be very pretty when it's in bloom.

I made 36 pairs of earrings today, an uncounted number of bead caps and headpins, and have three fine silver corset rings ready for the kiln tomorrow.

I've struggled off and on for about a year with a particularly tricky soft glass called Kronos...I've seen so many beautiful beads made with it but I could never seem to get it to do it's magic for me. It requires a certain flame chemistry and a heating/cooling pattern, and I would generally get frustrated with it and go on to a more cooperative glass. I'm not sure what prompted me to try it again this week, but something clicked and I was able to persuade it to behave. Now if I could just tame it's sister glass, Terra...

A few new Voodoo fossils:
I haven't forgotten about posting pics of the studio improvements...and I'll do that soon. It's getting very lively out there! Colorful, and cheerful, and fun!

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