Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Spell for the Refreshment of the Spirit

Sometimes I wish I could visit the Magician's house on the island far from Narnia, and peek with Lucy into that magical book of spells. We could all use a spell for the refreshment of the spirit at times, don't you think?

Thankfully we can create our own. Here are a few:

A Spell to Delight the Senses:

Ingredients Required: a large assortment of Victorian clothing, in every shade of white, from snow to eggshell to cream. There should be plenty of buttery soft old cotton, some crisp smooth linen, flowing lace, cobwebby net and plenty of lavish layers of embroidery. Be sure to include a variety of petticoats, blouses, nightgowns, dresses and aprons. Enchanting baby dresses are optional but add the magic of childhood to your spell.

Directions: Gently simmer your Victorian clothing in plenty of hot clean water scented with lemons and sparkled with soap bubbles. Rinse until spotlessly clean. Spin in a magical spinner device to prepare for the next step.

Next Equipment Required: A big wicker basket, two sparkling clean new washing lines (preferably silver in color), fistfuls of clothespins, some new, some weathered. Fresh air, gentle breezes, a brilliant blue sky, and soft dappled sunshine are essential to the success of this spell. Sweet smelling green grass forms the base of the spell and should not be omitted. A cat, to get in the way, is optional, but enjoyed by many.

Carefully arrange your clothing onto the wash lines. Pause to enjoy the textures and colors, the delicacy of 100 year old lace, the contrast of many shades of white against the blue sky and green grass. Feel the cool texture of damp linen and cotton, smooth a fold of lace, and pull a hem straight. Smile. Breathe deeply. Listen to the rustle and whisper of the fabrics as the breeze caresses them.

Allow several hours to pass, for the spell to come to fruition. You will sense when it is close to completion.

Lightly fold your garments into the basket. Bury your face in a mound of fresh, sun dried, breezy linen and lace. Inhale deeply, and store the sensations away for future enjoyment in your memory.

Your spell is complete!

A Spell to Remember Freedom:

Ingredients required for this spell are simple but exceedingly rare and difficult to obtain. A magical child is required, parented by two magical people in a house filled with love. Much whimsey, delight, imagination and unconditional love are neccesary for this spell to work.

Place the magical child on a beach, with silvery light and glorious waves. Sit back. Observe. Breathe deeply. Remember freedom. Be refreshed. Feel joy.

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Sounds like heaven and perfection!