Friday, July 11, 2008

Stuff I'm Making! Making Stuff I Am!

Eggs and Acorns:

Primordial Soup. For a long time I numbered these. But then I lost track, which seems more appropriate for Primordial Soup anyhow.

Copper capped beads. The patina is formed by brushing, filing, sanding, heating, cooling and swearing.

Copper-capped beads. I have a most attractive copper patina manicure right now!

Egg pendants of copper, silver, glass and wool. They say: "A Safe Wee Nest". I wish the patina on the backs showed better in the's really rainbow-y. Thanks to Gail for the inspiration!

Some colorful long tube beads. The Raku color really popped on these!

Some long slender organic style beads:

A jolly Dia de Los Meurtos gang!

And on a girlier note, tiny, teeny little flowers, leave and berries, made on wires like the vintage Italian ones I love so much!

So this is a little of what I have been doing. I'm enjoying the creative time, though the beach keeps calling me, (seductive lies that the water is warm, sure, come on down!). Just a few more gaps to fill in, some pricing, some small signs to print out, and the surprise balls to assemble. I'm only making 18 of them so hopefully it will go fast. Some GREAT goodies to put into this years batch!

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Veronica said...

Tantalizing and tempting....amazing new work Karen, adore the copper work, well done. Really looking forward to seeing everything next weekend.
NEXT WEEKEND ! Ohmygoshits almost here!!!!