Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Already?

I haven't posted for a while...not because I had nothing to say but because I have too MUCH to say and couldn't seem to prioritize! Narrative? Philosophical? Artistic visions? Photos? What???? I realized that I can actually just write whatever I want and that's the whole point and purpose of this excercise! So there!

The past few weeks have been pleasantly busy with a variety of tasks and activities. The studio is coming along really Dad's old work bench is now a screamin' pink. Beads are gradually accumulating for next months show, ebay items are being prepared, and an appropriate amount of rest is being taken. Lots of long beach walks sooth my soul. So has had her stitches removed and though still feeling pain from the surgery, is on the way to recovering from her dental ordeal. The cat has been performing her destiny as a mighty hunter, politely bringing us assorted treats, and has been rescued from trees twice...both climbs precipitated by unleashed dogs with friendly intentions. Friendly intentions are all well and good, but Valli doesn't believe in dogs. I'm not fond of climbing up ladders in a skirt (I don't mind heights, but ladders I am wary of!), but twice she has graciously allowed me to rescue her with minimal puncture damage to my skin, maintaining a regal dignity as I retreat back down the ladder, with the usual cat projection of "I totally meant to do that, you know".

We had family visit last weekend, including a couple of visitors from the Canadian Military...General Mayhem and Major Destruction!

The most popular toys were: 1-a red nylon cat tunnel which the cat actually never plays in, 2-an assortment of colored pipe cleaners, 3-sticks and 4- a very large, waterlogged log (even my six foot four inch brother in law was playing with the log! They were riding it in the water, rather like a slow Fred Flintstone jet-ski!) My sister and I are wondering why we bother buying toys for presents.
One evening we noticed the kitty was playing with something in a corner so Er went to see what it was, and it was the tiniest tree frog I've ever seen! How it got inside we don't know. Luckily Valli had played with it gently and it was fine. We all enjoyed looking at it before General Mayhem let it go outside. It was so small and so GREEN it looked like a little toy.

We went for lots of beach walks and found lots of fossils, beach glass and pretty rocks. We ate lots of junk food and some of us had non-adult beverages in glasses with sparkly colored lights in the bases! Holes were dug, sand castles were constructed, stones were skipped. We had beach bonfires with toasted chocolate marshmallows. Did you know there were chocolate marshmallows? They tasted like hot chocolate when they were toasted. Yummy! We made necklaces and bracelets and drew colored chalk pictures on the porch. Some of us played with Lego, while others napped or looked through piles of magazines courtesy of my sister. It was a lovely visit.

In the studio, I've been doing some silver and copper work along with the glass, incorporating my own beads with found objects. Remember the piece of glass I found with a V on it, during one of my park digs? I squared it off on the flat lap and made it into a pendant for Veronica, using one of the techniques Anne taught in her workshop. I used a delicately textured brass for the back piece, which glows through the pale yellow-green glass, and found a harmonizing pearl in my stash.

I made a pendant for my sister, with a piece of Blue Willow china which Brigitte found on the beach and kindly gave to me! Er collectsBlue Willow china so I really wanted to make her a littlesomething with it. I added blue beach glass, an antique button, a heart shaped freshwater pearl and one of my egg beads. It's really fun working with these mixtures of stuff!

I've been working with my Japanese Satake glass for the last few days. I love the soft dreamy colors. It's a melty glass, it's so soft and creamy, it's like making beads with frosting. Finicky, but when it works well it's soooo worth it!

I finally finished my Viking knit chain, this was also a project from a class with Anne. As an excercise in conquering perfectionism, I am ignoring it's faults and focusing on it's lovely slinky texture, delectable weight and how amazed I am that I made it out of a coil of wire! It's really is amazing. It's such an ancient chain technique. While I worked on it I enjoyed contemplating how such a chain might have been made in the past, when acquiring the metal was more complicated than placing an order online! It's a portable technique, perfect to work on when sitting by a fire listening to the skald...or while waiting for a bus. I really enjoyed making it and I'll be making more of these I'm sure.

To close this post I'm sharing an image of one of Veronica's new pieces. I love this! The show opened on Friday and this piece sold at the opening! Yay Veronica!!!

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Veronica said...

Aren't you nice........thanks for sharing my work on the web, glad you like it !
The pendant you created for Er is wonderful Karen.........and the one you made me receives comments (numerous ones) EACH and EVERY time I wear it ! Absolutely adore fact, wore it to the opening at the gallery on the weekend and received much attention.
Your new beads are beautiful also, by the way. Have you tried to create a little green frog one yet? He was cute, you're lucky Valentine gave him up ! And more adventures in trees.....what girls you and she are !
Also enjoy your nicknames for the nephews.....and your image of the "boys" on their stoneage jet ski is one that shall make me smile throughout the day. Thanks for that.