Friday, August 29, 2008


So made us the most delicious oven stew! The weather turned so cold that we were craving something "autumny" instead of the fairly unvaried diet of grilled or cold food we've been eating. So the steaks intended for the barbecue were made into this delectable dinner. Well browned cubes of steak, mushrooms, carrots, onions, garlic, celery stalks and leaves, fresh herbs and some brown stock, a few hours in the oven (during which it smelled heavenly) , plus some mashed potatos, and we enjoyed it so much!! I only wished I had made an autumny dessert apple crisp or a hot brownie pudding (you know, the type that goes into the oven as batter with boiling water on top, and comes out of the oven as cake with sauce hiding underneath). But So doesn't eat dessert which means I would have had to eat the whole thing, which is inadvisable! Maybe next time.

I hope your dinner today is as yummy!

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Cris Leonard said...

Yummy! That looks good. Recently I came home from a trip and Paul had made the most wonderful beef stew made with Guinness. It was so good!