Friday, August 15, 2008

The Dancing Chef...

Tomorrow is "Belly at the Beach". This is an annual event I host here at the lakehouse. We have several instructors coming and a group of wonderful women coming to learn a choreography, eat, laugh, walk on the beach and DANCE!
Lunches are brought by the participants, but dinner is included so I will be spending today doing all the cooking. Everything will be served cold so all I'll have to do tomorrow is pull out the goodies, round up 17 plates, and ring the dinner bell!
I'm making:
Grilled chicken with lemon and garlic
Spiced basmati rice with homemade garum masala
Cilantro, cucumber and tomato salad
Thai brown rice vermicelli noodle salad with sauteed veggies and a peanut dressing
Greek salad
Chocolate cupcakes (because we'll need chocolate after dancing all day, and I like making cupcakes!)
I also have some sweets that I purchased from our wonderful local ethnic food store...three kinds of Soan Papdi (Indian cardamom sweets, heavenly), pistachio halvah, chocolate halvah and candied fennel seeds from India.
Grapes and fresh pineapple to round things out.
So it will be a busy day!
I must say a word about our local ethnic food store. It's called Rangoon, and is owned by a family from Burma. They are wonderful, friendly people and are so helpful with our questions. We love to go in and look around, it's a tiny store just crammed with the most interesting things...chunks of black sugar from Sri Lanka, snacks from Japan (I would just love to offer my nephews a bag of the rice crackers which include tiny dried fish as a flavor accent!), the freshest long beans and cilantro and lemongrass and winter melons, and of course every sort of obscure spice, making the shop smell amazing. I'm so glad that this shop exists in this fairly small city!
I'm off to put George Abdo on the CD player and shimmy while I cook!

Life will always throw me curves....let me learn to just go with it!!!

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Kyla said...

I brought you some cane sugar from Fiji. It tastes like molasses.