Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bead beads beads...

I am making a lot of beads!! I'm doing a juggling act between getting lots of beads made for the Oasis show and doing ebay listings as well. There is interest in the Victorian white clothing I have listed...however it is currently taking the form of begging emails pleading with me to end the auctions early. Hmmmm. We'll see where it all ends, sometimes these emails mean things will do very nicely. One never knows these days!

Anyhow, I have made a lot of earring pairs and sets:

Satake glass sets in yummy juicy colors:

A Satake glass focal...I love how the Japanese glass has it's own unique qualities. The opaques are very dense and intense, and the opals and transparents are so delicate and wispy:

Some Satake glass focals, using the lily murrine I made in Aki Okhama's class. Lot's of 24K gold in these beads. It takes about an hour to make a meter or so of gold cane, fortunately it's beauty makes the trouble worthwhile!

A slender focal with Raku fireworks:

A fun large Voodoo Fossil, with skulls, cats eyes, lizards eyes and dichroic, lots of layers and details:

More tree frogs. We have NEVER had such a year of tree frogs! Because I've never seen so many I feel compelled to take pictures of each one...I apologize...I realize they all look pretty much alike. One sat beside me this morning on the rail of the deck, while I drank my coffee. He was a tranquil little Buddha, with his front legs tucked beneath him just like a cat, enjoying the morning sunshine. He couldn't have been more than an inch long. None have been as green as the one the kitty found, that one looked as though it had been coated with luminous green enamel!

Today I'll be in the studio for another day with the Japanese glass, tomorrow I'll be switching back to the Italian, as I check off the items on my list. I'm so blessed to have such a heavenly place to do my work. Late summer is truly glorious here!

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