Friday, December 12, 2008


4:30 PM and dark already. Yuck! However there is a beautiful full moon to look at tonight and just a few days until the solstice. I can't wait.

We're off to the lake in a few hours and I'll be spending the week up there with plenty of peaceful time for work and pleasant projects. I'll do a bit of baking, work on my murrine and some silver clay work I'm looking forward to. Lots more ebay items to prepare, too.

I haven't received my print Bead and Button Class Catalogue in the mail yet, but the class list went live today on the show website. There are some great selections to ponder though one instructor I was hoping to take a class with, a wonderful beadmaker named Andrea Guarino, is not teaching this year. It will be fun to figure out which classes I would like to take and make it happen!

I was very sad to see that pin-up icon Bettie Page passed away today at the age of 85. I knew she was in a coma so it wasn't an unexpected thing. I hadn't realized what a complex and tumultuous life she had led. I have always loved her joie de vivre which came across so clearly in her photos, and that incandescent smile was simply unforgettable. Here's to you, Bettie, you'll never be forgotten!

I opened my etsy store today, it was really easy to figure out their user-friendly listing system. There is a link to it just above my picture on the top left. I'll be adding more beads, jewelry and fairy dolls just as soon as I can get really nice photos taken.

I hope you all have lovely weekends. Stay out of the malls if you can possibly help it, it's really not good for your stress level!

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carol said...

Great header on your Etsy Page.Good luck I hope it's a great place to sell your beautiful work. Carol