Monday, December 8, 2008

Short Days

The days are getting shorter and shorter , it's not even 5:00 here and already almost dark. Ah the joys of the frozen north! Only 2 brief weeks until the Winter Solstice, to my mind the BEST holiday of the year!

Here is the beginning of a project, pretty impressive for three hours of work, huh? I know, it is not terribly impressive! This is an eye murinne, I got a very nice even pull of about 15" and another larger inch at each end I can cut off with the saw.
It was about the size of two golf balls when it was ready to pull.
A little flattened at the end, but still usable, it can be heated and pulled smaller.
The image is built in the flame with layers and layers of colour.
Then the cane can be cut into slices, or assembled with other components to form larger pictures. I was fussing about the little unevenness to the brown line at the top left, but when this is done the eye will be so small it won't be visible!!
Can't even see the uneven brown line here!
A Cheezeburger pic which is a favorite. Samantha says it reminds her of Darren and herself, the copy she sent me was labelled "Retards", Anne just thinks it's very very funny, on Cheezeburger it was labelled "My Brother, He Speshul".
"My Owl Beads, They Speshul"!
Puerto Rican Screech Owl
Now this website, I am ashamed to admit, is Swedish. OK for work, but try to laugh quietly. The 70's have a LOT to answer for!
I have absolutely no reason to purchase these chocolate decorative sheets, but I really, really want some! Aren't they pretty? Especially the peacock feather ones on the second page.
Interesting auction on ebay, do you have one of these kicking around? Wish I did!

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carol said...

Karen I love the eyes.The Owls are a HOOT....You have such a great sense of humour. Carol