Friday, December 5, 2008

Today I Am...

...Trying to work here with my assistant, who is diligently trying to capture the cursor. She's convinced that it goes behind the laptop. She has a longer attention span than I do today!

...Tackling the laundering of the mountains of linens from the last auctions sale, the washer and dryer have been happily humming along, 11 loads so far, not nearly done yet. Dear Santa, I would like an automatic linen-ironing robot, please.

...trying to photograph some quilts and chenilles. The sun will shine brilliantly for a few minutes, so I stop what I am doing here, race to the room the quilts are set up in, take photos frantically for that few minutes, and then the sun disappears and it snows for a while. I really, really prefer natural light for my photos which is quite difficult in the Canadian winter!

...enjoying looking at these wonderful c.1880 Berlin woolwork patterns for embroidered slippers.Delighting in the unexpected color harmonies of thrift store finds! A Fire King Blue Delphi bowl, packages of vintage baby ric-rack, a mohair scarf, a silk tuxedo scarf, a 50's edition of the Borrowers.

...playing with these GREAT 1930's Czech glass beads. Aren't they a gorgeous color? But wait...there's more!

They're vaseline glass and they POP under blacklight!

...tracking down some missing images for my ebay store. Don't know how they got deleted, I am so careful, but fortunately I have most of them on file

...working on the face drawing for my murrine project. The first part (the eye) is done but it's just too dark to photograph today, I have some fun little owl beads to show too, maybe tomorrow.

...FINALLY getting some egg beads ready for my Etsy store!

...being grateful that these people are not our neighbours. Interesting, but one look was enough, and this would send So screaming down the street with her hands over her ears. I hope they live far, far out in the country!!

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