Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Loving Wishes

Sending out loving wishes to you all. Especially warm loves to those of you who have lost a loved one at or near this time of year (Veronica, Christopher, Anne), though I am sure they are sending their love to you still. My wish is that we can all enjoy the colors and sounds and textures of the season, and remember that we are loved.

"...Those shining boughs with their strange fruitage of gifts have power to bring hope and good cheer to lonely hearts the world over. They are the symbols, which the Spirit of Christmas sets ashine, of that Tree of Life. And the Spirit of Christmas is only another name for Love, and it is Love alone, the human and divine together, which can bring about the healing needed by hearts in every nation..."
----Annie Fellows Johnston, 1910

The universe gave me the best gift yesterday. I was downtown doing a few errands and I was halfway to the library, sipping my treat of a skinny hazlenut latte (with nutmeg), when I decided suddenly to turn around and go back to visit our local farmers market. I didn't need anything at the market, but it's always pretty this time of year, full of flowers and lovely fruit and good smells. I thought I'd just wander through and enjoy, and then get back to my list of things to do. I was looking at some flowers when I heard a familiar voice say "KAREN!!! Karen Elmquist! I was just GOOGLING you!!!"
It was my dear friend Mia! We worked together years ago and had lost touch. And oddly I had recently been thinking about her too! Mia and Sam and I used to get laughing so hard we would cry!
We sat down and talked for two and a half hours! It was so so great to see you Mia!! best surprise gift ever! I will NOT lose touch again!
I also got to meet her friend Greg and we had some very interesting conversation. It was really a treat, thank you!

I must also take a moment to wish Miss Isabella a VERY happy birthday!! Eat lots of cake! Save me a frosting rose!

The beautiful angel picture at the top of this post was taken by our friend Marilyn in Ephesus, Turkey. Thanks M for letting me use it!

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carol said...

Beautifully written entry Karen.Have a wonderful Christmas .Eat drink be Merry!