Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Some days are just like trying to wade through knee deep cold molasses...I've had a week of those days.
A few interesting things to look at:

Some stunning underwater sculptures by artist Jason de Caires Taylor.

Anne's web sale of her bold fine silver and gemstone pieces...I envy whoever gets one of these for Christmas!

Metal Detecting World, a fascinating site by a dedicated metal detector and relic hunter.

Molecular jewelry at Made with Molecules . I'll take a dozen of the serotonin, please and throw in a chocolate and an estrogen while you're at it!

Cor Silver soap at you suppose all these claims are true? I'm pretty sceptical!

Kim Miles is blogging about her teaching trip to Africa .

Cute silly iPod "Lego" speakers at Wishingfish.

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carol said...

The under water sculptures are amazing. Makes me want to snorkel.OOOOH that brings thoughts of warm sunny, sandy, beaches and treasure hunting.