Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Home again, welcomed by dark grey skies, howling winds, snow, sleet, freezing rain and huge waves roaring onto the beach. The absolute opposite to the past week's weather, it could be "none more" opposite!
Our last few days of vacation were spent relaxing at sea, then a final day in Miami...So rested and I indulged in another visit to Anthropologie. Such a fascinating store and concept. It's probably for the best that there are no stores closer to home than a two hour drive.
Our flight home was uneventful...except that a woman two rows ahead of us had her cat with her. His name was Tucker, I got to pet him in the airport and received a nice kiss on the nose from him (which I appreciated as I was really missing Valli at that point!) She was flying from Miami to Detroit, had a 1/2 hour stopover and then was flying to Germany. The cat was in a soft carry on, the kind that can go under the seat, and he was not impressed by this. She was wonderful with him and obviously adored him, and I am SO glad he wasn't checked into the cargo hold (which I really think is barbaric), but his plaintive me-yowls were breaking my heart so I spent the flight with my iPod turned up to almost hearing-damaging levels.
Yesterday I tackled some of the work waiting for me but pooped out by 9:00 PM, and decided that was it for the day!
The work will always be there, it will get done when it gets done. Today I am back in town, with a short list of stuff to do, to ease me back into the daily routine.

I have some projects planned and some interesting ideas I'm looking forward to trying, though it's chilly in the studio. Fortunately the radiant heater I bought two years ago really makes a difference, as do various layers of thrift-store cashmere. (Being from the thrift store I don't care if I burn holes in it with flying hot glass!)

I'm looking forward to my upcoming offerings for ebay...lots of work to prepare them, but there will be some very nice things with good age. I have quantities of lace, some wonderful Victorian red damask tablecloths, redwork embroidery, Society silk embroideries (and some of them are spectacular!), a magpies treasure trove of fun rhinestone jewelry, more vintage shoes and hats, and...well you get the idea! If only I could actually get all the work done instantly but alas, good vintage presentation takes time!

Most of the Christmas shopping is done, I'm not finished the gifts I'm making but they are coming together well. My gifts for General Mayhem and Major Destruction have arrived from Japan...Pokemon bento boxes and assorted colorful Japanese sweets. JBox really has cute stuff!
My sister commented once that the boys are reluctant to eat anything new or unusual in the shape of a vegetable, salad or fruit, but if presented with a plate of bizarre, unknown and peculiar candies, would have no trouble chowing down! So hopefully the unintelligible labelling won't present a problem when the ingredients are primarily sugar and/or chocolate!