Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th 2008

I'm full of hope and optimism. If you live in the US, please vote. Canadians are following your election with much more interest than we followed our own!

If you can, please spare a positive healing thought for a dear friend of ours. She has recently been diagnosed with cancer and it does not look good. She asked for a pink comfort bead, here it is, as crammed with good energy as I could make it.

It was quite warm yesterday...last week we had so much snow that trees were crashing down because of the weight of the wet snow on the leaves that were still on so many of the trees. Weird weather. Today it is supposed to be 20C (about 70F...in November...in Canada). I seized the chance for a November beachwalk.
Someone made a happy little drawing on the seawall.

Misty and grey and golden, the slope up to our yard.

A beautifully sculpted piece of driftwood. I wanted to drag it home but it was bigger than I was.

Even pumpkins like to get out to the beach now and then.

A beautiful pristine stretch of sand. Part of me really wanted to throw myself down and make a sand angel. But a larger part of me didn't want sand in my hair!

The meadow in the afternoon light.

Treasures from the walk. I love the acid-green glass. It glows!

Confused Queen Anne's Lace, unaware that it's November!

Dinner: Roast pork with garlic, lemon and fresh rosemary, fingerling potatoes cooked in with the roast, Greek salad. It was pretty tasty!

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