Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mailbox Fun!

I certainly enjoyed what the mailman brought in the past week. Of course there were the usual bills and junk mail, but also some goodies!
From J-Box in Japan, very fun speakers for my iPod! Aren't they cute? So well designed, the cord nestles securely along the edge when they are closed. They weigh next to nothing and sound great.

These exquisite beads arrived from my friend Carolyn...we did a trade, a few rods of rare, out-of-production glass for a set of her beads. She outdid herself, they are incredibly beautiful and shimmery, pictures just can't show how gorgeous they are. I keep picking them up to look at them. I think I must make myself a juicy bracelet! I really feel I got the best part of the trade!

I forgot to take a picture of this delectable cashmere yarn while it was still in the's soft as a cloud. It's a hand dyed yarn which shades from cream to pale tan to soft sea blue, it reminds me of the lake on a cloudy day. I am making this cashmere lace rib cowl from Purl Soho.
What a treat this is!!! Our very own signed copy of Alison Bechdels new book, which she generously sent to participants in this project. I'd love to take it on vacation with us but it weighs a ton! I've been too busy to read it yet, but I look forward to enjoying it over Christmas. It has almost all of the strips since the very beginning, plus a few extras. Fun!

We are almost ready to head off on vacation tomorrow. I have 8 audiobooks, my yarn, half a dozen books, a secret Christmas gift project to work on, my laptop, iPod, 40 gallons of sunscreen and a new pair of sunglasses. (Cheap ones as I instantly lose any expensive sunglasses, and also expensive gloves.)
Now I have to persuade So that since we are going to the tropics, some short sleeved shirts will be okay, in fact desirable to wear and that no, she cannot bring her parka!


Veronica said...

A short sleeved shirt that is printed to look like a parka would be good for SO........better yet, a bathing suit that somehow looks like a parka (!!??!!)...........have a great time........are you sure 40 gallons of sunscreen is enough?
Happy reading/relaxing.........
Love, V.

Karen Elmquist said...

Heheh...and also maybe some down-filled swim fins!