Friday, November 21, 2008

Maximum Relaximum

Hello! We are still floating about. I am making an effort to rest in a way I have not done for years, truly. I get terribly seasick and am grateful every day for the wonders of Bonamine, which takes care of the seasickness perfectly and also makes me sleepy, which equals naps, which equals a relaxed vacationer. Quite a novel concept for me!
Here I am relaxing on the beach on the island of St. Thomas....oh, no, wait, that's not me, it's an iguana. Heheh.
After I took these pictures he perked up and made a beeline for our towels for a little visit. I think he wanted a drink of So's Diet Coke. He certainly seemed to like having his picture taken. The long stripey tail was most alluring, but I've heard they can give you a wicked slash with them so I stayed clear.

Quite relaxed after lunch.

By request, for Samantha, some sculptured fruit. Delightful what they can do with it, and there are different ones every day.

These heavy iron panels were on the ends of all the benches on the French side of the island of Saint Martin. We liked the French side very much, it reminded us of New Orleans.
A somewhat off-putting laboratory. Thanks but I'll have my labs run somewhere else...It turns out it is run by a Doctor Lepers. I would be changing that name, maybe.
There were blocks of posh shops, (Hermes, Cartier, etc), but just a few blocks away was much more interesting with the decayed and weathered buildings I love. Lots of abandoned and falling down ones that I was just itching to poke around in. Probably not advisable, so I didn't.

A somewhat nervous Saint Martin poulet.

Yes, I was looking for broken junk in this vacant lot. There was plenty but it wasn't old or weathered enough to be interesting.

Today was an at-sea day, and the sea was very rough. Most passengers were staggering around, no matter how hard you try it's very hard to walk a straight line when the boat is rolling ponderously back and forth! It's very soothing for napping, though! And it hasn't affected our appetites (thanks to the Bonamine, for me at least), I am sure I have gained 20 pounds this week. I suppose everyone feels that way on a cruise. It will be quite bleak to go back to making my own breakfast, and my own bed, and not having dessert with lunch every day. But I have a few more days to enjoy it and I will!

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