Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well, we are spending a little extra time in the Detroit Airport, due to the person who made our flight arrangements (cough) making a little error (cough) in the departure time. All is well though, thanks the exceptionally helpful NWA staff, and I will be browsing in the Miami Anthropologie in a few hours! It's cold, grey and rainy here and I look so forward to a week of brilliant skies, warm breezes and salt spray.
I'm one of those weird people who actually likes airports! I don't enjoy waiting in lines if it's really crowded, but otherwise I find them quite entertaining. Even little ones are interesting for people watching. And I still marvel at the ease with which we can travel great distances in matter of hours. Our flight to Ireland a few years ago was about seven hours, if I recall correctly. 100 years ago this could have taken a week...or more! And certainly not in the comfort we take for granted. I think I'll always be delighted by and grateful for our ability to be so mobile for pleasure, not because of war or insurrection or natural disaster. We are so lucky!

I have work in 2 shows this weekend and am very grateful to have have friends and family taking care of things for me so I can be away on this much-needed and anticipated vacation. Thanks, loved ones!

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