Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pointy House

A friend just got back from a vacation in Turkey...and graciously gave me permission to share some of her photos. She takes AMAZING pictures. They are all interesting, but am quite taken by these houses in Cappadocia. They are carved out of volcanic rock, which apparently starts out soft and carvable and then hardens with eposure to the air. I would think they would be lovely and cool.
I would love to live in one of these. Though I would also like it to be completely covered with glass evil eye talismans and shisha mirrors. And camel tassels. I'd need to abandon any severely geometric or symmatrical decorating ideas and go big on the floor cushions, carpets and adjustable tables!
Wouldn't you like this to be your neighbourhood?
Which one would you choose?

They call these ones "Fairy Chimneys".

In the one above, you can get an idea of the scale...see the door carved near the bottom of the middle one?
Thank you so much Marilyn for sharing your pics. They are all fascinating!

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