Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Fun Than A Box o' Kitties!

Here is a very cool way to waste time when you should be working...Zazzle is a website set up for you to design and purchase and/or sell your customized items. What really caught my eye is the customizable Keds shoes...several styles, and unlimited possibilities, INCLUDING uploading your own pics to be printed onto the shoes. I know there are loads of make your own mug and t-shirt and bumper sticker websites out there, but this is the first I've found with shoes! I can make a lot of stuff, but shoes, well, how fun is that???
The designer program was really easy to use. You can try all sorts of options and changes and then save ones that you like. The possibilities are quite could put a picture of your cat on your shoes! Or a child's drawing, kids would love that. Or chocolates, or sushi, or penny candy, or your own tattoos!
These "prototypes" I put some pictures of my Satake beads on. I'd love to do a pair for realsies with my Dia de Los Muertos beads. I'll need to make a big batch and get decent pictures. I'll let you know how they turn out!

Tuesdays auction sale was quite fabulous. It was the balance of the estate from which last week's buttons came. The van was FULL. I got two boxes of old jewelry, including the prettiest old (c.1910) Czech bracelet I've ever had and an exquisite Spahiret glass pin, some hats c.1900-1920, a charming, mint condition boudoir doll (nekkid, unfortunately), a doll parasol, doll fan and doll gloves, all c.1900, a (possibly Steiff) mohair dog puppet.

I bought boxes of linens, lace and antique clothing, including a magnificent hand embroidered silk shawl, and quantities of "Society Silk" embroidery, white petticoats and blouses, baby dresses, collars and hankies. Lots and lots of lovely linens: pillowcases, towels and tablecloths all in pure white linen with embroidery and hand made lace.

Of course all this means mountains of laundering and ironing, but as always it will be worth it.

I'll be sure to take photos as I progress through unpacking and organizing the goodies. There are so many pretty things! I feel very lucky.

This message is being written on my sparkly new laptop. It has that new laptop smell (haha). It's amazing when I start to use a new machine, to notice just how many tiny tweaks and changes I've made over the years, tiny, one click things that have saved a lot of time or made something easier. Then the hard part is remembering how I made that change! SO far so good, the big hurdle is my invaluable ebay listing program, I'll tackle that tomorrow.

Happy Sahmain to all. Time proceeds as it always has, indifferent to our human concerns. Of what possible importance is there in petty machinations when there is a slender orange sickle of a new moon, hanging in a vivid turquoise and tangerine sky, beneath a gleaming star? That image is what I watched tonight for most of our drive to the lake. It puts things in perspective.

Finallty here is a sweet wistful face to close the week.
She is actually a little devil!

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Veronica said...

Are you ordering custom button shoes? Are there websites for p/j's.......jeans? could be the crazy (er ?) bead lady all dressed in bead clothes.....embellished with beads.....ohhh....endless possibilties ! On a more serious note...hope you are going for the shoes.......perfect !
LOVE the litte gloves, they prompt the imagination.
Does Vali know you are posting her pic and calling her a devil? She may hide something in your bed if she finds out! Be careful.
Have fun going through your boxes from the auction.....wish I were there !
Love, V.